Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day

We've been doing some much needed painting around our house, trying to get it all out of the way before the baby comes.  It has all gone pretty well.  Until we chose green for the kitchen, that is.  The paint chip looked great.  It was a nice color, it looked good against the cabinets and the tile.  That paint chip lied.  Because it DID NOT look good in the least bit once the room was finished.

I loaded up all the kids and kept them out of the house for hours while Shaggy painted . . . and painted . . . and painted . . . and painted.  When we came home, the whole room was done--with the first coat, at least.  But as soon as I walked into the kitchen, a horrible, sick feeling hit me.  I knew that the color WAS NOT going to work. 

But because Shaggy had spent his entire Saturday working on it, I had to start out with subtle comments and then work my way up to the whole, "we really have to repaint this."  He went through denial, frustration, apathy, despair until he finally came around to admitting that he really didn't think it worked, either.  Kinda made me wonder why he bothered to finish painting the room in the first place.  Part of a wall should have been enough to realize it wasn't the color that it needed to be.  But I wasn't home, so he just kept truckin' along.

This last weekend was supposed to finish off the painting for us.  We were SO looking forward to being done, to putting the house back together once and for all.  This was a very unwelcome setback.

So we figured, at the very least, we better acknowledge his sacrifice, even though it ended up being in vain.  The girls came up with the idea to make a rice krispy paint scene.  Which was nice and easy, as well as pretty fun to make.  Not to mention the fact that it went down really easy.

K even made a roller, though we ran out of our green "paint."

My kids are unbelievably lucky to have such a terrific dad.  He has so many skills, a huge creative streak, and loves to be totally involved with his kids.  I'm not sure how I lucked out to have such a great guy in my life, but then again, why look a gift horse in the mouth?!

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Mom said...

I know that "sick" feeling once a room is all but finished in the wrong color. For me it was a shade of blue that looked wonderful on the paint sample and horrible on the wall. Shaggy has my sympathy.