Saturday, July 14, 2012

Dad's Day

Shaggy was MIA for the actual Father's Day this year. He was busy visiting potential wards and eating M&Ms and homemade cobbler. Rough. So we postponed Father's Day and celebrated when the house hunting trip was safely over.
Ideally, Father's Day looks like this. Lots of togetherness, lots of happiness. Smiles all around. And it's true that those moments happen fairly often. The kids genuinely enjoy spending time with Shaggy. Even K, with the emotional ups and downs of adolescence, is still super excited when Shaggy is asked to sub in her Sunday School class. And she actually tries to get the other rowdy teenagers to pay attention to him. Maybe it will never end, her perception that her Dad is cool. Because he is, even if she temporarily loses her ability to see it as she stars in her own personal coming of age drama. Maybe we'll get lucky and she'll skip the scene when teenagers begin to feel emarassed by their parents. We can hope, right?

 His affection for these children runs as deep as the ocean. He loves spending time with them. He is even quicker to miss them than I am when we're away. He pretty much always wants to call and check in with them even if we just run out on some quick errands. He is anything but a sideline parent. He is right in the thick of it with whatever may be going on in their lives. In short, he is present in every sense of the word when it comes to the kids. Combine that with his great love, his sense of protectiveness, his wicked sense of humor, and it's not hard to see why they adore him so thoroughly.

And somehow, he also endures moments like these (which happen entirely too often) with a fair amount of grace.

J's evil eye rolling action in this shot makes me laugh out loud.

But through all the less than perfect moments which make up the bulk of our lives, joy is still the undercurrent which pulls us along. How blessed we are to have this amazing man in our lives.

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