Friday, September 25, 2009

Super Hero

The other day J was playing super hero.  He doesn’t do this all that often.  He usually pretends to be some bad guy or other, mostly due to the fact that the girls can’t get him to follow any of their pretend play edicts.  They realize that he’s going to run wild and chase them no matter what, so they might as well incorporate it into the game.  They’re very wise in that respect.

But the other day, the girls were still in school, and so J was free to follow his imagination into new territories.  He donned his green cape and pleaded that I stick a long paper streamer down the back of his shorts.  I swear--this was ALL his idea.  He began running in circles around the coffee table, allowing his lovely, and very long tail to flutter after him.  “I’m a super hero piggy-butt!” he announced enthusiastically.

Since I was unfamiliar with that particular super hero, I asked him if he had a super power.  “Yep.  Pichu.  Pichu,” he replied while opening his hands wide in front of his face.  “This makes everyone think I’m a robot.  Also, I can fly.”  And after a few more laps around the table, he started making a chu, chu sound accompanied by a finger slicing motion.  When asked what that did, he said, “That makes me cut pears.”

Ok, I may not be much of a super hero buff, but this combination of powers struck me as odd.  I totally get the flying power.  That would be downright useful.  I can even imagine a few scenarios where the ability to make people think you were a robot would come in handy.  I mean, who wants to mess with the terminator, or a cylon?  But I’m a little stumped when it comes to pear slicing.  And why in the world would a flying, faux robot pig need to slice pears in the first place?


The Porter Family said...

It is downright impossible to enjoy a juicy pear while flying. You would know if you have ever tried. Unless of course it is in bite-size pieces during the journey. But, the average flying Joe is too preoccupied with flying to cut a pear in flight. Thus, the pear cutting power could be very handy. I would imagine that one could also efficiently slice other fruit as well. Very handy indeed.

kara said...

I'll take a pear slicer. I hate the sticky juice. Superhero Piggy Butt Pear Slicer is welcome in our home anytime.