Saturday, February 27, 2010

Terrible Tooth Fairy

I wish I knew how to petition the tooth fairy coalition in order to request a new tooth fairy.  The one who currently does our route is really pretty terrible.

She pretty much never visits on the actual day the tooth was lost.  More often, she only comes after the kids have waited a few days and sometimes won’t even come until they have written her a note.

Like this one S wrote after waiting THREE days for the tooth fairy to come.  Yeah, three days, can you believe it?

Dear Tooth Fairy,

I hope my tooth makes good fairy dust.  GOOD fairy dust!  Do you ever get tired of being the Tooth Fairy?  I would. Well, I hope things are going good at wherever you live.  Hey, where DO you live?  Love, S.

Maybe she has self-esteem issues and wants to make sure that she is REALLY wanted.  Or maybe she has trouble keeping track of all the houses on her route.  Or MAYBE she’s just a little forgetful because she has so many responsibilities.

Of course, it COULD be like S suggested, and she’s just tired of being the tooth fairy.  But I have a suspicion that she doesn’t really mind, she just has a very full plate.

It wasn’t always this bad.  In our early years of tooth loss with the kids, the money was consistently left under the pillow in a very prompt and professional manner.

Maybe she was a rookie then, and was very eager to please.  And the novelty of a new job probably inspired her to do her very best.  But, sadly, that novelty has worn off a bit.

Maybe she now has a family of her own which keeps her very busy.  And when she finally finishes the bedtime wrestle, maybe her mind consistently shuts down, causing her to occasionally forget about the little girl who is sleeping with one hand under her pillow, waiting for some magic.

And I suppose, when I think of it that way, maybe she isn’t so terrible after all.

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