Sunday, March 28, 2010

On A Mission

It seems as if our dear little S (ok, not really so little anymore) is getting somewhat more impatient as time goes by.  And she's turning into a worryer--like Eyore, maybe worse.  So this school mission project turned into quite the family drama.  She just wasn't at rest unless she was working on it.

If she wasn't working on it, she was counting down the days until it was due, never hesitating to share that number with anyone who would listen.  Or she was planning what to work on next.  Or she was asking us WHEN she could work on it.  Or she was reminding us all again when it was due and worrying that it wouldn't be done on time.

Honestly, I don't know how this girl managed to get ANY sleep at all during the course of this project.  It was the last thing on her mind at night.  And the first thing she thought of in the morning.  She'd often come into our room a full hour before she (or anyone else) needed to be up, having to ask such burning questions as "What color do you think I should paint the walls?"  or "Should I use cardboard or lasagna noodles for the roof?"  This was most annoying when it happened on Saturday--the one day of the week we didn't have to rush to get out the door.

But the project is now thankfully completed, was taken to school to be graded, and is now being used for various and sundry imaginative scenarios involving little figures.

I think the stained glass windows were a stroke of genius.  And the cemetary just looks pretty cool.  Like somewhere you'd want to take a stroll.  Even if there is a weird monk guy holidng a baby in the front and some statues that look to be floating through the wall.  Maybe they're ghosts trying to escape the graveyard and the monk is preventing them.

Around back are some very nice indians taking care of the animals, though I am a little wary about what the tomahawk will be used for.

And of course there is a horse nuzzling up to the girl.  S can't miss the chance to project herself into this scene somewhere, now can she?

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Grammy said...

S, what an awesome mission!!! I love the stained glass windows and, of course, the cemetery. We genealogy nuts love cemeteries. I hope it will still be in one piece when I visit in FIVE DAYS. I can't wait to see you!