Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day

Lest you think this photo was easy to take, I feel I must tell you that it was not.  There was grumpiness.  And bickering over who got to hold which flowers.  And not-so-good-natured jostling.  And a runaway toddler.  And a coffee table that was unsure it wanted to bear the weight of all of us sitting on it without cracking.  And a somewhat less-than-enthusiastic photographer.

But the final product turned out pretty good--and I didn't even need to swap any heads.  Though maybe I should think about trading J's head for one without such a stonefaced expression.  But it was more fun to play around with filters a bit.  I kinda like the painted look.

Mother's Day was pretty low key this year.  There was a fair amount of bickering and ruffled feathers, unfortunately.  But S did make me something like 9 cards and letters, in all of which the phrase, "Mother's make children blossom," was featured prominently.  At least she can stick with a common theme.  J absolutely had to drag Shaggy to the store on Saturday to buy me some flowers.  That boy REALLY loves giving people flowers!  Even insisted on giving some to his kindergarten teacher for Valentines Day earlier this year.

And thanks to the chocolate cake we had, mother's day is now irrevocably equated to cake in R's mind.  This morning she asked me, "Are we gonna have some mother's day today?"  To which I replied that it was over, we had it yesterday.  Then she asked dejectedly, "We're not gonna eat any mother's day today?"

So when she got to eat a leftover piece of cake, she was excitedly having a happy mother's day all over again.  I don't think the presence of, or even thoughts of, her mother are a requirement for her celebration. 

Nice to know I can be so easily replaced by chocolate cake.

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Anonymous said...

Well, if you have to be replaced by something, make it a great chocolate cake. :-)
E has Family Home Evening permanently associated with Treats in her mind, so sometimes after dinner she will ask for FHE. She more and more is moving to calling it Treats, but will still sit on the couch with a lollipop and look at a book about Jesus (which is our FHE). --S