Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Waiting Place

Today is my due date.  No signs of imminent labor.  No surprise, really.  I've been here three times before.  Only one of my children was merciful enough to come early.

But what I'm realizing this time around, as I struggle to keep up with day to day life, is that MY life is the only one which stops and holds its breath waiting for this child to arrive.  Everyone else's life just trucks along normally.  The kids have dentist appointments and pediatric appointments and school registration forms and playdates and open houses.  School starts in 10 days.  Shaggy has as busy a workload as ever.  Maybe busier, actually.  And he's adding on all sorts of extracurricular activities and projects which make absolutely no sense to me.  But then again, I am the only one who is waiting with baited breath to finish out this pregnancy and move on with the next phase of motherhood.

But at least everyone joins me in their excitement to welcome a new baby into the family.  Whenever that will be.


Mom said...

Grandmothers, at least this one, wait with excitement, if not with baited breath, for the arrival of a new precious grandbaby. Since my first three were either early or right on time I remember that feeling of "Is this baby ever going to come?" only with your youngest brother. Hang in there (pun absolutely intended), dear daughter!!!

Mom said...

P. S. I love the cool photos of J and R. Great perspective!