Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Back To School

R is dying to go to school.  She talks about it all the time.  Of course, sometimes she calls it preschool and sometimes she calls it college.  But really, it's all the same for her.  In fact, she tells everyone who will listen that she's going to go to preschool.  But the poor kid has to wait a whole year. 

She often gets herself out of bed, has breakfast, gets dressed as much as she can by herself so that she can walk with Shaggy and the kids on their way to school.  On this day, she also accessorized with a backpack, hat and water bottle.  Looks to me like she's all set.

K is loving junior high.  She's feeling much more grown up and enjoys being treated that way.

S is now one of the big kids on campus, being a 5th grader and all.  She loves her teacher and is as impatient as ever with her assignments, wanting to finish them almost before she gets home.  She's already started worrying about her science fair project which is due in . . . oh . . . 5 MONTHS!

Shaggy took these pictures.  Since I was busy recuperating with a two-day-old in the house.  Guess J wasn't ready to be photographed by him.

 This pretty much says it all.

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