Monday, September 26, 2011


R is simply delighted with preschool.  I figured that would be the case, but it still surprises me how wonderfully different this is compared to the last child I took to preschool.

I love being a borderline anonymous parent, one who doesn't need to have any lengthy conversations about my kid.  The teacher doesn't need my cell phone on speed dial.  I don't have to feel sick with worry about how she'll do when I leave.  I know she'll use the restroom if she needs to instead of feeling too terrified to even consider it.  There will be no shrieking if someone touches her.  She will actually make friends and thrive.

It is such a delicious feeling knowing that I don't need to push her to do things she is afraid of.  Because, in fact, she doesn't have a single fear associated with preschool.  On the very first day, she couldn't even be bothered to look my way as I was saying goodbye to her.  She dreads the days she doesn't have preschool and longs to go back.

Although, she did inform me yesterday that she doesn't have magic at preschool.  She does at home, she tells me so on a regular basis.  But at preschool, apparently, they give her food that only feeds her body, not her magic.  When I asked her what food feeds her magic, she replied, "Pepper!"  Silly question, I should have known (though I am ok with the fact that she isn't getting pepper doses at preschool.)

I suppose she is my reward for sticking it out with J.  And I am relishing every moment.  All 180 moments of free time (assuming that Baby B continues to nap during preschool hours) that I now get each week.  Moments in which I am free to do more laundry, and vacuum the floors, and every once in a while do something I want to do, just because I can.

R had no qualms about giving hugs to and posing for pictures with her teachers.

And the spot she gravitated to, where she felt completely comfortable on her first day?  With the boys, playing cars.  Of course.

It seems that some of J's legacies are positive, after all.  Because almost all of R's classmates are boys.  She'll fit right it.

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Mom said...

Reminds me of her Mom at this age. You kept saying, "Mommy, I'm boring" until I signed you up for preschool. You loved it too.