Sunday, March 11, 2012

Meet Lisa

We occasionally acquire an unexpected house guest. Her name is Lisa and she looks uncannily like R. She always shows up out of the blue and simply announces her presence. Oddly enough, her visits line up exactly with R's trips to visit her family. They just switch places on a whim. Lisa is a very interesting little girl. 

Sometimes she's 9 and she shows up on her birthday. So naturally, we make her cupcakes to celebrate. 
She had a little too much fun with the sprinkles which ended up all over the table and then in her lunch.  She declared this PB&J the best one ever.

But lately, Lisa has been four. And she loves to stage photo ops for me.
She also loves horses, so her mom bought three for her. Naturally. I can understand why R might like to visit a home like that.

Lisa has a rather adventurous past. The details seem quite fluid, like this past is always changing. Or maybe, Lisa has such an amazingly full and rich history that she is only giving us tiny glimpses into her world. Here is her story, in her own words.

I'm Lisa. I'm three, I mean (looking at her fingers). . . I'm one, two, three, four. I'm four. I came to visit because R is gone to visit my family. In my family, I have one sister and three brothers. They're all named Lisa, too. Lots of things are named Lisa in my family. My mom and dad just work on the mountain sometimes. I'm going to visit you for 9 days and R is gonna stay for 9 days. I wanted to come visit you and my mom said yes. The clothes here fit me because I'm one, two, three, four. I'm 4. I'm R's age.

I was asleep and I heard someone knocking on the door. And then it came in and it stole my sword. And . . . umm, then I slipped it from the bad guys hand. And then the bad guy slipped it from my hand. And then I slipped it from the bad guys hand. And that part is over.

And then lots of bad guys came to our house and put it on fire. And then my whole family just went out and then went in. They went out for lots of minutes 'cuz the firemans was gonna come and then . . . ummm . . . and then we went back in the house. And then the fireman saw somebody's else house was burning so they went to their house but they didn't do it in time and it started burning down. My house was all broken inside and we called the fireman to come and fix it and they came in time and then the bad guys came and put it on fire. The bad guys want it on fire forever. And then the fireman fixed everything in our house. And then we got our swords out and made the bad guys go to jail.

And then we went in the backyard because we all wanted to check the baby tigers and then we let them out because the dog was in the house. And then we went back in and just my sister and me went out to play with the tigers. We were running around with all the baby tigers. And then we were running around in the grass with the baby tigers and the mom and dad tigers. And then my whole family came out and we wanted to run around the mountains with the tigers. And then we saw the bad guys came again. And then the bad guys went back in jail 'cuz they wanted to and they saw the baby tigers. There's this robot tiger in there and the bad guys thought it was real and they took it home. Then the bad guys went in the good guy's jail again. And then something like music started to turn on and they looked everywhere in the world to find that music and they saw a mountain moving back and forth and the bad guys were working the mountain that was moving and they were working the music. The bad guys wanted to have the whole world to steal all the jewels in the world. The music, like, makes all the people in the world think it's a ghost doing everything but it's the bad guys. One bad guy is making everything work so the good guys don't come. And then they got all the jewels. And then the good guys came back and they stole all the jewels and they put the bad guys in jail and they locked it super hard.

And then our family just, like, went out for a walk to find some jewels and then the good guys came and gave the jewels to our family because there were millions of jewels in the city and the mountains. Just a little bit more. And then we found lots of things and the bad guys tried to get out but they couldn't. The end. Nothing else.
Lisa is welcome in our home anytime, though we do miss R when she's gone.

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Grammy said...

What a great story, Lisa! I seem to remember celebrating Lisa's birthday a few months ago with cupcakes with purple icing. She must be the reverse of a leap day baby. Instead of one birthday every four years, she has four birthdays every year. She's got one "sweet" deal going. No wonder she comes to visit so often.