Wednesday, June 13, 2012

So Long Middle School

I am continually impressed by the kind of person this girl is becoming.  Just when I think that I can't be more proud of her, she does something that proves me wrong.
For instance, here she is several months ago at the district spelling bee.  Which she lost.  But I was proud that she was smart enought to be recruited and creative enough to lose.  See how that works?  There's always something to be proud of.  And we had a good laugh that night when they were profusely thanking all the parents for quizzing their kids daily on all the potential spelling words.  Yeah, that was a nice, meaningful look we exchanged as I was being thanked for something that I so didn't do.  Apparently, it was my fault that she lost.  Whatever.  I'm still proud of her.
Here is her 8th grade class at graduation, or promotion, or whatever they're calling it these days.
She got perfect attendance and a perfect GPA and the math award.  Above is a picture right after it was announced.
Let's get a closer look.  Mr. Principal doing his announcing thing.  And three students standing up looking totally bewildered.  Apparently, they couldn't hear the title of the award they were being given, but were nudged to stand up when their names were read.  After the whole ceremony was over, she found me and asked, "What other award did I get?"  You are a math wiz, my dear. 
The school gave out an overall award in the following areas:  math, language arts, science, and performing arts.  K was given the math award.  And, according to her language arts teacher, she also earned the language arts awards.  But Mr. Principal decided that she couldn't have two.  He wanted to spread the love around a little.  Which is fine.  But K has been secretly reveling in the fact that she earned TWO awards. 
So here I am, proud of her all over again. 
It's not every day that your kid graduates 8th grade as a math wiz, so naturally, we had to take some pictures.  We recruited S as our photographer for an impromptu front yard photo shoot.
Which always turns a little goofy when Shaggy is involved.
He's very proud of his girl, too.  But since he's still only 13 on the inside, his pride comes out in funny ways.
I can't wait to see where high school will take this girl as she really stretches her wings to soar.

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Mom said...

Am I really old enough to have a grandchild in high school? Well, I guess I'll have to be in a few months. Congratulations, K!!!