Thursday, October 25, 2012

Happiness Is . . .

feeling fall in the air . . . in September.

spying on J as he makes a fort in the woods with his new best friend.

finding myself eye to eye with a hummingbird as it pauses mid-flight to check me out.

looking for bird nests in the trees, or frogs in the creek as I walk the kids down the lane to catch the bus.

watching the light filter through the trees as the sun ascends.

snuggling under a blanket with B and her dolly.

hearing J teach R the proper way to use the expelliarmus spell as they swing  together in the backyard.

listening to Shaggy talk excitedly about how cool his new job is.

finding a three-legged turtle that wandered into the driveway.

being called outside to photograph each and every one of J's nature discoveries.

glancing out the window to see a family of deer grazing in the backyard.

spending a Sunday afternoon watching a grass snake eat a giant cricket.

being surrounded by nature's beauty.

knowing that we are where the Lord has led us.

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