Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Valentine Outtakes

Here's proof of all the behind-the-scenes craziness that goes on with my photo shoots.  Unwelcome dogs, toddlers who tip over the entire backdrop set up, distracted children, etc., etc., etc.
Too-fast-for-the-camera movement.
 Downright odd they-think-they're-being-funny poses.

A random extra hand which provides some motivation to smile.
Just plain goofiness.
More unwelcome dogs.
An out of the blue blanket/tablecloth/ginormous glasses dress up session.
Which inevitably leads to someone dying.
Followed by resuscitation.

But somehow, in the middle of all this craziness, I usually get the shots that I'm after.  And if I'm very, very lucky, I get some that are even better than the ones I was after.  They're the ones that capture US.  The ones that put our love and our silliness and our humor on display.  The ones that will make us smile whenever we look on them until the end of our days.  So even though these are technically outtakes from my little valentine card shoot, they are the ones I ♥.

I ♥ my valentines!

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