Saturday, August 31, 2013

How Does Your Garden Grow?

 Despite all the sad stories about gardening fails we've been hearing, I'd call our gardening efforts this year a success.  Mostly because we learned a lot.  But also because we did actually have a harvest, even if it was too small to make much of a dent in our family's appetite.
 It was very satisfying to be able to send the kids into the backyard to get some snap peas, or tomatoes.
 The marigolds were supposed to repel various insects.  But they seemed terribly enticing to a certain kind of beetle.  Which is just another way to protect the produce, I suppose.
Dandelions thrived despite us.  But they sure make it fun to make wishes.
We had some strawberries and blackberries, but they were eaten faster than I could get my camera out.  Our fruit trees have years to go.  Onions and carrots didn't make for very good photos.  The blueberries were possibly the most exciting crop we had, although it will take many more years before we have enough to make blueberry milkshakes.

This guy was the master gardener.  I admit that I let the stories of gardening failures get me down.  I rained on Shaggy's gardening parade pretty consistently.  But he just kept planting and tending and ignored my doubts.  Good for him.  He earned every bit of this harvest.

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