Friday, November 6, 2009

Toddler Eating Habits

Sometimes I wonder how toddlers survive at all.  Their eating habits are notoriously picky as well as fickle.  Very frustrating when you're in the not-so-fun position of trying to nourish them.

Here's a few lessons that seem to hold true with R. 

If it isn't HER food, it's always more appetizing.  When she steals it on the sly, it just tastes better.  She tends to eat more when she sits ON the table rather than AT the table.  She will eat almost anything I put in her hands when she's outside. 
Sugar makes her world go round.

I was momentarily distracted away from my bagel.  She took full advantage of that, the little bagel thief!

I never, EVER leave her unattended for any length of time.  Really.  I haven't the foggiest how she managed to drag a chair across the kitchen, climb up, move the toaster and the butter, get a fork, remove the canister lid,
and help herself to the sugar.  Really.  No idea. 

Out of desperation one day when R rejected her PB & J yet again, I gave her a piece of bread with jelly and a spoonful of peanut butter.  She ate (or licked) every bit.
Go ahead, explain that one to me.

And this?  This is why I feel completely justified in confiscating almost ALL of her Halloween chocolate.  She rubs it on her lips like chapstick and puts some on her nose for good measure.  Such a waste of good chocolate . . . I mean . . . mess, such a mess!  The fact that I confiscate her chocolate has nothing to do with the fact that
I prefer chocolate.  Nothing at all.  The evidence is in the photo.

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