Monday, December 28, 2009

Making Merry

On Christmas Eve we traditionally reenact the nativity story.  The kids decide which part they want to play and then put together costumes.  This year, K decided to write a play which was set in modern times that incorporated the nativity story.  It was about a girl who taught her friends about the true meaning of Christmas.  And since K roped Shaggy into playing a few roles, I was left to decide between my beloved camera or the camcorder.  I opted for the latter which is why I have no photos to post.  They pulled off a brilliant show, even with a stray sheep (aka J), and a toddler wandering in and out of the scenes.

After the play, the kids excitedly opened one present--a decision they have been AGONIZING over for weeks.  I don't think I've ever been asked the same question so repeatedly in such a concentrated time.  "Mom, which present do YOU think I should open?"  I managed to avoid giving any of them a straight answer.  What would be the fun in me choosing the present for them?!  I do love hearing the outrageous guesses about what's inside the wrapping.

Just before reading "'Twas the Night Before Christmas" and being tucked into bed, they went outside to sprinkle the reindeer food (oats & glitter--yum!) on the front lawn.  As I was tucking J into bed, he got a very downcast look on his face and said, "Santa's gonna bring me coal."  I was surprised by this--it's not like we have ever told him anything like this excplicity.  But I'm sure he's heard about it from stories, movies or his sisters.  I asked him why he thought that.  "'Cuz I'm mean," he told me dejectedly.  I felt bad for him, but was also a little glad that he was able to recognize and admit one of his faults.  I told him something about how Santa knows we all make mistakes and he likes it when we apologize for what we do wrong.  And that he can see our hearts to know if we are trying to be nice.  I'm not sure my words brought him all that much comfort.  He really wasn't sure if he was going to get that wagon he'd asked Santa for.

Turns out he didn't have to worry, after all.  This is what our living room looked like late into the night on Christmas Eve.  Santa had already stopped here while all the little one were sleeping soundly in their beds.  We think they were, anyway.  The girls claimed to have heard footsteps on the roof. 

Christmas morning, as usual, came a little TOO early for my taste.  But we managed to drag ourselves out of bed so we could see the kids faces as they first came into the living room.  What a magical sight that always is!  The kids dumped out their stockings and then we rounded them up for breakfast. 

Growing up, we always had an agonizing wait while my parents cooked a nice, slow breakfast.  Then we had to clean up the kitchen until nary a dirty dish or crumb was left.  Then FINALLY, we read the Christmas story and opened our gifts. Somehow, that tradition hasn't been preserved in my family.  We eat a quick bowl of sugar cereal (one of the few times a year we buy it), then get to the business of Christmas.

And this is a fairly tame morning when it comes to J's hair.

K has pretty nice morning hair, too.

J was very particular about loading all of his loot into his wagon as he unwrapped it.

I had to convince J that it was okfor him to actually sit in his wagon.  He was afraid it wasn't strong enough or that it would tip over.  It's a good thing we plan on painting in the next few months--our walls aren't faring so well with the wagon inside.

The living room is always a total disaster once we finish opening presents.  I always like to get a photo of the chaos before cleaning it up.

We were lucky this year and also got a little dose of family.  Shaggy's sister came down for a few days and unbelievably, everyone cooperated for a photo.

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Mom said...

I love your Nativity plays - I'll never forget the photos from an earlier Christmas of S playing the part of Mary and the baby's feet hanging down under her shirt. Your photos are great - looks like the kids all had a wonderful Christmas. Hugs and kisses all around!