Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Slumber Party

In years past, we let the kids sleep under the Christmas tree on Christmas day.  This year, we thought it might somehow be more fun for them if they did it before Christmas.  And judging from how long they stayed up whispering and giggling, I think we were right.

Last night was the night.  We had to do it before Christmas Eve--wouldn't want the poor kiddos to be trampled by all the night-before-Christmas traffic.  And Santa certainly needs room to maneuver when dropping off the gifts.

So we got them all snuggled into their sleeping bags and put on a tape of 'A Christmas Carol.'  Shaggy, little R and I shared a blanket on the sofa and settled in to listen to the story.  The tape was a copy of one that I listened to growing up.  My brothers & I became so familiar with this particular reading that we could mimic not only the exact words, but the pauses and inflections as well.  I was so excited to finally get a hold of a copy so that I could share it with my kids.  My mother had to practically pry this copy out of my father's hands to send to me.

J & R didn't really pay attention, but the girls were quite wrapped up in the story.  We listened avidly as Marley's ghost visited Scrooge and to his experiences with the ghost of Christmas past.  We were breathlessly awaiting the introduction to the ghost of Christmas present when the tape ended.  We quickly flipped it over only to discover that the other side contained very bad recordings of various Christmas songs.  Like someone had taped over the story.  Hmmm . . . not such a good copy after all.  And it wouldn't be that big of a deal, really, except that my kids apparently aren't at all familiar with the Christmas Carol story.  Shame on me.  What have I been teaching them all these Christmases?  Not about Scrooge, I guess.

And again, NONE of this would be a big deal if I could find another copy somewhere.  But this recording was never put onto CD, so it just doesn't seem to be available anywhere--not even Ebay.  The only copy I know of is the original in my father's possession.  Which doesn't bode well for me . . . or my kids.  He guards that copy VERY closely.  I sense either a battle of wills in my future--or an extensive and very patient search.

The next day, we stayed in PJs pretty much all day.  And played.  And ate treats.  And lounged around.  And watched a Christmas movie.  It was a fabulous day.

The kids also built with the presents and then played all over their creation.  While I snapped pictures to my heart's content.  Who could ask for anything more?  The kids even got along . . . the ENTIRE day.  I'm talking no squabbles or bickering.
That's a minor miracle!

I don't know how they are able to mesh Star Wars scenarios with Bob the Builder, cars and various animal figures, but somehow they do.  Like when the girls were little and could seamlessly combine Power Rangers with princesses at playgroup.

Now I know what to put on my Christmas wish list--more days like this!


Mom said...

What a letdown when the tape ended in the middle of the story! We'll have to see if we have some way of copying the original because I don't think your father will part with it.

Unbelievable - - - four children and a full day with no quarrels or bickering! Add that to the list of Christmas miracles. Oh how I miss being around grandchildren at Christmas. I'll have to remedy that before they're all grown up.

Mary said...

Don't give up on A Christmas Carol. Watch your mail.