Sunday, October 31, 2010

Little Punkins

It's sort of hard for me to believe that they all started out as small as baby B.  Or rather, that they are all now so very much bigger than baby B.  But they're still my little ones, no matter their size.

We managed a trip to the pumpkin patch in between all of my medical issues.  Where the kids found the perfect pumpkin, which turned out to be both too big and too expensive.  But at least we snapped a few pictures with it before leaving it there for someone else.

Fortunately for us, the kids were happy enough choosing little pumpkins from the dollar bin.  So we were able to leave with most of our money in our pockets.  We went later to the grocery store, where they sell pumpkins for about a third of the price at the pumpkin patch. 

Even B made an appearance on the giant pumpkin.  She wasn't too fond of the experience, however, and soon started to cry.  But not before I had snapped a few pictures. 

One of her nicknames is Dopey.  I think this photo clearly shows the resemblance.  We just need to find her a purple dwarf hat somewhere.

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Hunter said...

Enjoyed your Christmas card and especially your blog. Your family is beautiful. We miss you guys, when are you coming back? So proud of John. He did what I always wanted too. I only got up to a 10k. Congratulations, way to go John...
Love you guys
Jim n Pat