Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Growing Pains

This was my girl one month ago.  She didn't seem overly concerned about her appearance.  She had no qualms about dressing up in a homemade Nephite (think Native American, but a thousand years ago) costume and performing in a musical.  She didn't even seem to mind the gap that was forming between her two front teeth.  Maybe it helped to know that it was only a temporary thing caused by her expander.  But overall, she seemed fairly content with the way she looked.

Here she is a little more recently.  At a swim meet.  With clipped eyebrows.  Yes, clipped eyebrows.  Not shaved.  Not waxed.  Not plucked.  Clipped.  As in nail clippers. 

She spent a suspiciously long time in the bathroom one morning before church.  Apparently she was busy using the nail clippers to clip off the outer half of her eyebrows.  We're still slightly puzzled as to why.  Mumble mumble . . . trying an experiment . . . mumble, mumble . .  saw a girl . .  . mumble . . . wanted to try it . . . mumble.

Maybe I'm way out of touch with the current eyebrow fashions, maybe girls ARE removing half of their eyebrows.  But maybe she was just trying to emulate a certain look and somehow botched the attmept.  She was using NAIL clippers, after all.  Seems a little funny, but whatever.  It's not the worst.

The most amusing part for me came when Shaggy asked her if she had shaved, or done something to her eyebrows.  With a very innocent expression, if somewhat embarassed, she replied, "No, that's just the way they are."

I raised my intact eyebrows at her and made a mental note to have a future conversation with her about deception.  Funny thing about deception, it just doesn't work so well when the truth is staring you in the face.  So she's a bad liar.  I am totally ok with that.

Several days later, I noticed that she suddenly had some long bangs hanging in front of one side of her face.  Again the funny part when she tried to tell me that she hadn't cut them.  Really?  I know I'm overwhelmed by all my current responsibilities, but I'm not THAT out of touch.

So we fixed them.  And had that talk.

I don't know if she'll pursue self-experimentation in the future.  Probably she will.  But here's to hoping that she talks to us about it BEFORE she jumps in.  At the very least, we can make sure she has the proper tools for the job. 

Nail clippers, indeed!

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Mom said...

Tell K I like the bangs. No comment on the eyebrow job though! Fingernail clippers???