Friday, April 29, 2011


Easter was a little crazier this year.  But I'm finding that EVERYTHING is a little crazier with five kids.

But we still managed to keep up with the traditions.

Portraits, for me.
An egg hunt, for the kids.

The whole hunting experience wasn't quite the resounding success that last year's was.  We had lots of fallen olives to slosh through.  The grass wasn't greener.  The sun was shinier.  And there were mosquitos. 

Baby B didn't seem to mind any of it.  She loves being outdoors.

And K was a trooper, as usual.  She perked right up as soon as the one last candy-filled egg she was entitled to was located.  Turns out that just dropping eggs in a patch of tall grass was the trickiest place of all.

But in the end, the sounds of munching on jelly beans, chocolate bunnies, and peeps drowned out any and all complaints.  And our Saturday adventures still left Easter Sunday for family, religion and just a little more sugar in the form of our traditional Easter sundaes.

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