Friday, May 6, 2011

What's in a Name?

We were getting ready for church on Sunday morning.  We were actually going to be on time.  Minor miracle.

I woke B up from her morning catnap (which went against EVERY instinct that I have) and put her on the changing table to get her dressed.  The minute I took off her soggy diaper and rolled it up to throw away, she decided to pee all over.  Which elicited a lot of  "Aaaaah!  Aaaaah!  Help!" from me.  Which brought everyone running.  They knew it wasn't something very serious because they could hear the humor in my voice.

"B peed all over the universe."

Which every child had to see for themselves.  From a slight distance.

I was feeling equanimous about the whole situation.  Thanks to the fact that B happened to be laying on one of those absorbant, waterproof mats when she decided to let the geyser loose.  So it didn't make a huge mess, except on her.  Be grateful for the little things.

I had someone start a bath and picked up B, trying to shake most of the pee drips off.  I carried her at arms length and encouraged my curious kids to make way by saying,  "Pee butt comin' through."  They shrieked and scattered.  Worked like a charm.

Except that poor B might have an unfortunate new nickname.

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kara said...

I'm impressed you put her in the bath. I just employ the use of a lot more wet wipes. Good for you!