Friday, May 13, 2011

Deja Vu

J planted a bean at school.  He watered it and gave it sunlight.  He wished fervently that it would grow.  To no avail.  He came home with nothing more than a cup of mud.

This made him sad.

I understand EXACTLY how he feels.  I, too was a failure when it came to gardening in grade school.  Come to think of it, I am STILL a failure at gardening.

But my grade school story is much more poignant than any of my current gardening failures.  Recorded in my journal with all the raw emotions of my childlike psyche.

Today is Wednesday.  For Mother's Day we're planting three flowers.  For science we have to keep a little journal about our flowers.  I can't wait until my flowers sprout and bloom.

Today is Tuesday.  We didn't write in our journals.

Today is Wednesday.  We're making three flowers for Mother's Day, but mine's never going to sprout because, mine was nearly right under the light now it's practily out from under the grow light.  I feel like running away and hide and cry.  I feel teribale.  Why won't it sprout like all the other ones are?  Huh?  Just tell me that!

Today is Thursday.  The same thing happened today.  Somebody keeps putting my flower pot out from under the grow light.  Who is doing it?  I'm getting tired of it!

Today is Friday.  My flowers will not sprout!  I'm getting really MAD!

Today is Monday.  My plant still won't sprout.  When is my plant going to sprout?  I know when my plant is going to sprout!  NEVER!  I feel like running off somewhere and crying.  I feel so bad.

Today is Thursday.  I replanted my flowers yesterday.  I hope they sprout soon. 

Today is Monday.  My plant hasn't sprouted yet and yesterday was Mother's Day.  I don't know why it won't sprout, but I want to know why my plant won't sprout! 

I wish I could still blame my gardening woes on the nefarious children who were systematically hogging the grow light.  But, no.  The failure is all my own.

In an attempt to help J feel better about his little cup of mud, I helped him plant some seeds which we had on hand.  None of them have sprouted. 

Surprise.  Surprise.

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Mom said...

Don't worry! You've planted more important seeds, and they have not only sprouted but are growing beautifully.