Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Give Dad A Hand

It looks like he's gonna need it.

With J doing his very best grumpy face for the camera.  And Baby B pulling R's irresistable hair.  Somebody's ALWAYS doing something they shouldn't around here.

R is drumming on K's bum.  And Shaggy looks like he's either drugged or about to fall asleep.  Maybe both.
Too bad it takes a bum drum to get such a great little smile out of R.  And a head swap to get B looking the right direction.  Made ya look twice, didn't I?
But these two were picture perfect.  During this particular split second, anyway.  And they have the same eyes.  In this particular light, anyway.  Amazing green eyes.
Happy Father's Day to an amazing dad.  May he get helping hands whenever he needs them.  Which will be every second for the next 17 years, probably.

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Mom said...

What lucky kids to have such a fun, loving, involved Dad!