Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Toothless Wonder

J has been eagerly waiting for his first tooth to fall out.  Most of the kids in his class have long since lost several teeth.  Even his permanent tooth grew impatient. (You can see it half grown in already.)

He tucked the following note under his pillow along with his tooth.

I poold my tooth and it came out!  it is amazing!  This nite I think I will be happy!

And he drew a little frame around where he was going to place his tooth.  Before going to bed he asked us all the questions he could think of about the tooth fairy.  He was excited about the prospect of two shiny new quarters.  But he did NOT like the idea of the tooth fairy taking his tooth away.  So he put a big X through his sweet little note and wrote a different one on the back.

sory.  I relly want to ceepe it!  cose I want to remember wen I was 6 years old and soon going to turn 7 yers old.

So he ended up with two new quarters and an old tooth.  Which I will now be stuck with.  What do you do with old teeth?

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Mom said...

Gotta love his notes to the Tooth Fairy! So sweet!