Wednesday, August 17, 2011


What do you get when you combine a new lens and a birthday?

Something wonderful.  A photo explosion.  What else?
I realized just the other day that I am a tortured soul.  I am driven by the pictures in my head.  The pictures I feel compelled to create.  This is one my exhausted mind formed about 6 months ago when I was longing for all the sleepless nights to be over and done with.

I usually try to quickly quash any ideas that come to me that are quite so labor intensive.  But the idea of B turning one (and sleeping through the night) was so very enticing that I allowed the idea seed to grow.  And grow.  And grow.  And this is the result.
I love them all.  Too many to post, probably.  But I just couldn't narrow them down any further.  20 years from now, I'll love them even more.

And yes, I made another cake.  Just for B to smash.  And for me to take pictures.  The portraits I've seen online of these cake smash sessions are so fun.  I had to try it.  This was my last chance, after all.  Carpe Diem.  Which actually implies a whole lot more spontanaity and a whole lot less prep work.  But, oh well.  It was worth every minute.
I love these two.  One where she's looking for her belly button.  And the other where she put cake on her head.  I'm not sure why she puts food on her head, but she does it fairly often.  Looking for her belly button--that's a common occurrence as well. 
My white vinyl backdrop has now officially earned its keep.

And yes, we did eat a lot of that smashed cake when she was done.  It was chocolate, after all.  J was of the opinion that it tasted even better than unsmashed cake.  I think I might have to agree with him on that one.


Mom said...

What an amazing explosion of color! You're a very brave and creative Mom. Love the photos! Can't wait to see Baby B again.

Rebekah said...

wow love the whole post your amazing! Happy birthday baby "B"!!!