Monday, August 29, 2011

Life Through Rose Colored Goggles

K has had these goggles since she was 5.  Through them, she has seen her way from the doggie paddle to the butterfly.  From beginner swimming lessons to the swim team.  With them, she has pushed through illness, fatigue, and extreme heat.  And developed a nice tan and muscles she didn't know she had.  With these rose colored goggles, she has become a swimmer.

Although if you asked her why she won a first place ribbon for one of her summer league
swim meets, she would probably tell you it was because she painted her toenails red that day.

This is how sports superstitions are born.

You overlook the years of lessons and the hours of practice and the fact that your whole entire family braved the extreme heat to come cheer you on.  And you focus on the feet.  With the red toenails.

Maybe next year, when she joins the swim team, I will buy her some new goggles.  I would prefer her to give credit to a lucky new pair of goggles rather than red toenails.  Although, the red toenails would never get left at home on accident.

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Mom said...

A first place ribbon! Congrats to your little (well, not so little any more, I guess) swimmer! Nice water/action shots, too!