Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Fall

We found the best ever pumpkin farm this year.  Seriously, it had everything.
Plus several trains--one to ride on and a model one to watch.  I think it's our new favorite place.
Children of the corn.
Eager trick-or-treaters.  Although we didn't actually go trick-or-treating.  Not in our neighborhood, anyway.  By the time the 31st rolled around, the kids had already been to two different parties and had plenty of candy.  So we stayed in and watched a movie.  I loved it.  It was sooo nice not to have to rush through dinner and get all dressed up yet again.  
My little monkey.  After coming up with 4 other homemade costumes, the thought of making something for B was just too much.  Hooray for Amazon Mom and their free prime shipping.
Fly, birdie fly!  So relieved that this costume was done way back in August.
Robot.  This costume was a doozy.  Probably the best one we've ever made.  But I am not eager to repeat the process.  I wanted to just paint the box.  Shaggy decided to buy poster board, instead, which added about a week's worth of work to the costume.  Sure it turned out WAY better this way, but still, lots and lots of gluing and waiting, and waiting and gluing.  I am GLAD it's done.  And since I'm considering going totally public with my blog, I will probably put up a separate post about it as a tutorial.  The humor is all in the details.
This girl has considered being a gypsy for many years.  Apparently, this was finally the year.  Most of the stuff we already had on hand.  But I did have an interesting experience trying to buy bangles in a little Indian boutique near my house.  I kept trying to pick out the ones I wanted, and the little lady in the store kept putting some of them back when I would hand them to her so I could buy them.  After a while, I got the hint that I would not be able to buy what I wanted so I just bought the selection she picked out for me.  But I did get an awesome price, and the jingly waist sash to boot.  Maybe she thought I was a good haggler.
K had a very hard time deciding what she wanted to be this year.  I think she sort of didn't want to dress up at all, but our rule has always been that if you don't dress up, you don't go to the parties and collect all the candy.  She is definitely not too old for candy.  I voted that she be a bag of jelly beans.  She vetoed that idea.  Finally, I talked her into being a mime.  She wasn't too sure of it at first, but ended up really liking it.  And for future reference, Walmart's face paint worked tons better than the stuff we bought elsewhere.  Though she really needs to work on her facial expressions before she goes live with her mime act.
I'll have to play with this photo a little more, because somehow, somewhere, at some point in the future, we will be living in a different house where I will find some wall space for a seasonal picture display.  And this will be in it.  It just screams Halloween.


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Mom said...

Awesome costumes and photos, as usual! Looks like K has grown about a foot since I last saw her. Give them each a hug and kiss from Grammy.