Saturday, November 19, 2011

Rising Star

Apparently this girl has decided it is time for her to get involved.  She was front and center for all activities at a not-so-recent church picnic.  Where I though they landed a fabulous face painter.
She played on the volleyball team at school.  Where she almost learned to serve the ball over the net.  And where she was beyond thrilled to receive the spirit medal.  At some point during each game, each team selects someone from the other team to award the medal to.  She was in awe for days that she was chosen.
Check out that intensity.  I foresee lots of backyard vollying in our future.
S with the A team.  No, not that A team, the volleyball A team.  This A team doesn't run around helping the downtrodden.
In the midst of the volleyball flurry, she also decided to run for student council.  Treasurer--following in her big sister's footsteps.  I went to the school to hear her speech.  She was running against two other girls.  As I listened to the applause after each speaker, I began to despair that it would just be a lame popularity contest.  There was significantly more applause after the cooler kids spoke.  But S was a trooper and delivered the speech she had prepared, even though she was unbelievably nervous.  Hers was the only speech that actually pertained at all to the office she was running for.  I was proud of her.

And her efforts payed off.  She won the election and is now the hard working, dependable treasurer at her elementary school.  I think they chose wisely.
So we had a treasury party, honoring the long line of treasurers we now have in our family.
 And, as if we didn't already have enough going on, we decided to go ahead and try to get her Nanny McPhee teeth fixed. So she got braces. 

Two in braces.  One in preschool.  Goodbye expendible income.
But we sure love this girl and will be happy to see her snaggleteeth straigtened out.  I'm not sure how the expander will affect her smile, which has me worried ever so slightly.  Because I love her smile.  It was perfect.  And really, how can you improve upon perfection?

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