Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Oh, Deer!

In her heart of hearts, this girl wants a real, live pet deer.  Or a horse.  But since neither of those will happen, she had to settle and ask Santa for a stuffed animal deer.  She said she would ask for a small one.  But she made sure to leave Santa some wiggle room and was careful not to commit that to writing.  She was thrilled by this gift.  She carries it from room to room and has it watch over her as she sleeps.  And I have it on really good authority that Santa found a killer deal on this deer.  Which is the only thing that placed it in the realm of possibility.

On Christmas day, before we had our holidays hijacked by vomit, I had a little photo session with R and her new present.  I just wanted a few good pictures, but R got silly and was having entirely too much fun.  So I kept snapping.  It is quite apparent how much she loves this deer, even though she refuses to give it a name.  Deer it is, deer it shall remain.
 I hope they have many a grand adventure together.

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Mom said...

The magic of Christmas in the eyes of a child!!!