Thursday, January 10, 2013


I never want to forget just how much excitement was in my home on Christmas Eve when we first realized that it was snowing right outside our windows.  Everyone was yelling delightedly and hopping up and down in front of the windows.  Except for B who was a little bewildered by it all.
But she was right there demanding to go outside with the rest of us.
Of course I had to grab my camera.  I actually had people hollering at me to hurry up and get it.
I even had the presence of mind to actually be in a photo.  That's impressive.
We spun and ran.
And simply reveled in the miracle that is snow.
It was pure joy.
Some of the kids decided that it even tasted delicious.
After a while, I insisted that pajamas be swapped out for clothes and coats.
And we went back outside to enjoy it some more.
A few days later, there was even enough to stick for a bit until the rain ruined it all.
But the rain didn't stop my elemental boy who was out playing in it every spare moment.
Making mischief of one sort and another.
What started out as one trail of rolling snowballs soon became a maze of trails.
And when the rain turned everything to ice, it was beautiful.
Maybe winter will get old for us one day.  But for now, we'll try to enjoy all its wonders.

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Mom said...

Awesome! Just the right amount to play in, photograph, catch on one's tongue, but not enough to have to shovel!