Thursday, May 30, 2013

Signs of Spring

It seems like forever ago, now, but it was only about 6 weeks ago that we were marveling at the whole amazing process of spring.  As winter dragged on, I realized that I could no longer picture the trees thick with green leaves.  I could no longer recall the sounds and movement of outdoor life.  And I longed for a change.  As much fun as it was to experience winter with such a long time without it, I was ready for spring.
And within a two week period, we went from snow to 80 degrees and spring simply erupted all around us at an astonishing rate.  The trees were budding, we blinked, and before we knew it, tender new leaves were uncurling and stretching out towards the sky.  It was not a process that was going to wait for me to finish up my work.  So I set it aside, grabbed my camera, and went outside with my trusty sidekick. 
She was all geared up to look for buggies.  And was dismayed at how many she found.  Next time, I think I'll steer her towards rocks.

The weather was perfect.  Absolutely perfect.  The birds sounded like mocking jays calling to each other from the far corners of the woods.  The breeze washed over us like silk and there was a freshness to the air that was invigorating.
THIS is what I had missed living in a place with only two seasons.  The change.  The freshness.  The "out with the old, in with the new."  The temporary nature of the seasons is one of the things that make them worth reveling in.
And revel we did.

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Mom said...

So beautiful!