Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Not Your Average Thanksgiving

We had an unusual Thanksgiving this year.  Our trusty van decided to suddenly stop being so trusty.  So Shaggy spent most of the day outside in the very atypically cold weather fixing it. 

It involved lots of parts being removed, draining and dropping the gas tank, and trying to see what he was doing through a small hole in the frame.  Poor guy.

But since he is a genius (have I mentioned this before?), he was successful in replacing the fuel pump and saving us a truck load of money.  Go Shaggy.

 Meanwhile, we were all inside our toasty house playing games and eating snacks.  And because the turkey decided to NOT thaw according to the time table, we just had a slice of ham as the main course.  Making dinner extremely simple for me to prepare.

I think we got the better end of this deal.

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