Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Doing the nativity play on Christmas Eve has got to be one of my favorite Christmas traditions.  I love the creative flair that the kids throw in.  And it's always a bonus when we have a guest angel and a live baby Jesus.

J opted to be a tech guy this year.  He helped Shaggy create the set, complete with lights.  He also refused to let me take his picture.


Mary is on the left, riding her rocking horse to Bethlehem.  Don't mind the leopard print, the thanksgiving indian pillowcase tunic, or the purse.  It really is Mary.  Although if you asked her, she would have said that she was a mommy bird.  But don't let that fool you, it really was Mary.

On the right we have a shepherd, with more leopard print.  It must have been popular back in the day.  And we have a shepherd of the German variety dressed up as a sheep.  It's must have been on its way to a beauty pageant since it was wearing a tiara, however unwillingly.  And the gorgeous girl in white is the angel, of course.

Here's Mary after giving birth to a screaming baby (hmm, sounds familiar somehow), and after shedding her leopard skin.  She looks a little put out by the screaming infant in the basket.  I can't blame her.  Mickey as Joseph is completely useless.  He just buries his face in a blanket and pretends like he can't hear a thing.  Then again, maybe he can't.  He's been our Joseph stand in every year and he NEVER helps with the baby.  Typical.  Those blasted stuffed animals are totally useless when it come to childcare.

The screaming baby was graced by a visit from a wiseman . . . I mean wisewoman.  She was wearing pearls, after all!  Even has a jewel on her turban.  Too bad the baby was unimpressed by the gifts she brought.

I definitely think the show was better with someone else to perform with/for.  And the costuming was certainly more fabulous than ever!

And we were even graced with some Christmas music in our first annual Christmas concert.  No, they didn't play together, in case you were wondering. 
Merry Christmas Eve!!

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