Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Snow Day

Yep, this would be the money shot.  My absolute favorite from this day.  Maybe even the whole week.  And forget what I said about never editing my pictures before posting them because I did for this one.  I just had to. 

I love this girl.  I love her baby blues (my other kids, except for B so far, ditched the blues in favor of green or hazel).  But hers are here to stay.  I love her freckles and her smile.  I love this scarf.  Too bad it had to go home with Aunt N who came to visit us.

Aunt N and her fabulous scarves were a total hit. 

We took advantage of the time we had her and the time Shaggy took off work and went to have a snow play day.  We were grateful that the snow was not thigh deep like last year.  And that there was already a good sled run in place so we could just jump out and play.  And the snow boots the kid got as an early Christmas present worked wonders because I didn't hear a single whining complaint about cold feet.  Wonderful!

Even little B cooperated by falling fast asleep soon after I took this photo.  And she stayed asleep until we packed up to leave--even when Shaggy and I passed the sling back and forth.  I suppose she does have her good days.  Then again, maybe she just fell asleep as a defense against that big ball on her hat.  We sort of forgot to bring a suitible hat for her, but luckily this one happened to be in the van.  We also forgot to bring a change of clothes for her which we discovered as we took her out of her carseat and found that she had pooped through everything she had on.  YOU try packing for 5 kids without forgetting anything.  Not so easy.  But all's well that ends well . . . she didn't freeze.

It was actually pretty warm that day.  The snow was melting and sooner or later, everybody shed their outer layers because they were too hot.

Fun was had by all.

But no one had more fun than J.  That's his mischevious smile.  The one he uses when he's trying to get away with something that he figures he probably shouldn't do but wants to do anyway.  Guess where that snowball was headed.

J's only regret of the day was that the door to this excavator was locked so he couldn't climb inside.

I'm not sure why R was looking so sad and forlorn.  She had fun building a snowman with Aunt N.  Actually she had fun telling N exactly where to put everything on the said snowman.  And N was quite obliging of all her orders.  Have I mentioned how great Aunt N is with kids?

Maybe because she grew up with Shaggy. 
Who, to this day, is the biggest kid of them all.

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