Friday, February 18, 2011

Camp or Bust

Ever since K turned 12 last month, she has been really busy zooming around to all the different church youth activities.  Which makes us really busy zooming her.  She also gets to go to girls camp this summer.  Which means fundraisers so she can pay for it.
The young women hosted a nice dinner where they had a dessert auction.  Which was really fun.  Crazy how high the bidding was going for some of those desserts!  K made some fudge and some turtles.  And she helped me make this campmobile cake. 

I declare her an officially licesnsed frosting expert.  She learned how to make drop flowers out of royal icing.  And she made some chocolate sour cream frosting (which is totally delicious on graham crackers, by the way!).  And she made lots of buttercream frosting and mixed up some excellent colors for me.  She learned how to prepare an icing bag.  But the best part is that she earned more than half the money she needs to go to camp!  Camp or bust, indeed!!

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Grammy said...

Way to go, K!!! I know you'll LOVE girls' camp.