Friday, February 18, 2011

My Valentines

Ever since the year that Shaggy bought me valentine chocolate at the dollar store, I have been buying valentine chocolate for the both of us.  I have nothing against the dollar store.  Actually like it, on occasion.  But when it comes to chocolate, they simply do not make the grade.
And since we have so many adorable little valentines, we gave up on trying to go out for a valentine date many years ago.  Instead, we turned the holiday into a family affair.  We have a party, of sorts, which typically involves balloons or other little gifts, and treats.  This year we all decorated our own cupcakes.  We figure that as the kids get older, this will be a positive alternative to feeling glum and lonely when they don't have an exciting date with a special someone.
We always share at least a little bit of our chocolate with at least some of the children.  They usually are having so much fun playing with their cool balloons, they hardly notice when the rest of the chocolate diappears before they remember we have it. 
 Happy Valentine's Day!

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Moses Family - The Burning Bush said...

Your blog is awesome!!! I love your pictures they are beautiful!