Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Metal Mouth

The time has come.  My first baby is no longer a baby.  Not even much of a kid, really.  She got braces last week.  Which in my mind, puts her squarely in the pre-teen category.  Someday I might actually stop calling her "baby."  Then again, maybe not.

I can hardly believe how much her life has changed in the last 2 months.  She has been iniated into the church youth program by filling up our family calendar with 2-3 activities each week.  She's participating in a musical where she has to go to many a singing practice, and she has to make her own costume.  She's gone to the temple for the first time.  And sledding (not for the first time!).  She's raised 100 bucks towards girls camp.  She's agreed to fulfill a leadership position for her age group.

She does all the chores we ask her to--and makes loads of allowance.  She's maintaining her 4.0 GPA.  And keeping up with her clarinet practice.  And managing to find time to read scriptures and make us stick to our family novel reading.  She plays scribblenauts and is working on solving the latest Nancy Drew mystery.  She even fits in time to see some friends once in a while.

I keep thinking this girl will feel nervous, or overwhelmed by all these changes.  By all the new activities that she needs to fit into her already fairly full schedule.  But she doesn't.  She just maintains her forward momentum without missing a single beat.

She hardly complained about her teeth being sore when her braces were put on.  She had an expander put in today, so there will be room for all her permanent teeth.  Even that, which makes me cringe every time I think of it, a big metal device separating her palate so new bone can grow in--even that doesn't phase her.

In fact, she is so unperturbed by all that life is tossing her way, she decided to join the swim team.  Camp started the day after she got her braces.  So much for taking it easy.

And nevermind about her poor mother.  Or her baby sister's nap schedule.  All that's missing now, is a taxi sign for our big, green van.

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Mom said...

Wow! I'm tired from just reading about what she's doing. My first grandbaby is growing up way too fast and her mother must be exhausted.