Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sleeping Beauty

Apparently, the only thing hindering this little Irish princess in her ability to sleep through the night was the fact that she did not, in fact, have a room of her own.  She had to share with her boring, snoring parents.  She's been able to soothe herself to sleep for months now, she simply would not STAY asleep.

So all I had to do was rearrange 7 pieces of furniture (on my own!), relocate 2 children and a lizard, clear out 3 garbage bags of paper and other junk , vaccuum nearly 7 years worth of gunk from the corners of their room, and find new places to stash about 37,000 pounds worth of school and craft supplies.

Actually, I made the girls clean up this whole mess.  It took them two days.  All I did was move the stuff off the dressers and shelves where they had piled it, and place it ever so neatly on the floor.  It made Shaggy hyperventilate to just look at this mess.  Needless to say, he wasn't much help.  But he's still enrolled in Camp Half-Invalid, anyway.

 So, that's all I had to do to get a whole night's sleep.  Clearly worth it.  Probably should have done it sooner.  It would have kept my grump-o-meter from hitting critical mass.

Little B had one night of fussiness and then began sleeping through the night.  No wonder none of my other interventions made any difference.  She was merely holding out until she could get a little privacy; a little personal space.

I can sympathize.  I really can.  With 7 people crammed in here,
privacy is in seriously short supply.

But on the bright side, my room looks GIANT without the playpen.  And I'm sure that making four kids sleep together in one little room won't have any negative repercussions. 

Or if it does, I won't care.  Because I will be sleeping blissfully through the night.

Now, if I can only convince Baby B to move her "morning" to something
slightly later than 5 am . . .


kara said...

Oh glory glory!!! Congratulations. It's so satisfying to find that ONE THING...and it is always one little thing...to bring peace and happiness to our littlest ones. And to you. I'm thrilled for you. Just thrilled (If I had known earlier, the deep obsession I have with getting my children to sleep, I would have majored in something very different in school). Sleep is the cornerstone to all happiness. And maybe some gospel thrown in.

Mom said...

It's been a couple of week now - is the little princess still sleeping through the night?