Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Don't Laugh

Shaggy loves to laugh.  It's no secret.  Anyone who knows him, knows this.  He enjoys humor wherever he finds it.

Sadly, because of his hernia surgery, laughter has been causing him a great deal of pain.

I almost had to take the book Catching Fire away from him because it was making him laugh.  Yeah, a book where people are forced to battle to the death in an arena to provide televised entertainment.  Sure there were funny parts, but I don't recall finding it quite as funny as he did.

All comedies have been out of the rotation.  So we watched Stomp, a British dance performance reminiscent of Blue Man Group.  Which was, unfortunately, quite funny.  And very cool.

I have been making a concerted effort to NOT crack as many jokes, or point out the hilarious things I notice the kids doing.  Some of these things he notices on his own.  Which, of course, makes him laugh and then moan in pain.

But his biggest cause of laughter, and therefore pain, is HIMSELF.  Yep, he cracks himself up.  He makes the jokes that he finds the funniest of all.  He hasn't really changed all that much from a thirteen-year-old boy who has discovered that he is good at generating humor.

He suggested that I use the title "Knives and Knuts" if I was going to write a blog post about his surgery.  Which made him laugh and groan and stomp and almost cry from the pain.  I pointed out that the surgery didn't have anything to do with "knuts."  Close enough, he said.  And proceeded to laugh and groan some more.

Like I said, he hasn't really changed all that much from a thirteen-year-old boy.

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