Friday, February 18, 2011

Cry Baby

Up until the last month or two, poor Baby B has had such a tearful little life.  She's spent a larger percentage of her life crying and fussing than any baby we have had.  Poor thing.  I can see why she was so very sad all the time.  Always being held.  Being fed at all hours of the day and night.  Being rocked to sleep.  Having 6 people who totally adore her and try to fulfill her every whim.

That would be rough.

Even the terrrible ordeal of being bundled up so cozily and riding around on outings.  Just terrible.

Being given presents before she's even aware of what presents are.  Dismal.

But happily, her temperament has drastically improved recently.  Even though she still has to endure all the holding and feeding and cleaning and loving and otherwise rough life of a baby.

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Mom said...

So glad she has finally stopped acting like a "cry baby!" Now she just has to learn to sleep more than two hours at a stretch during the night - - - for her poor mother's sake!