Sunday, July 31, 2011

Cousin Swap

We had a quick visit from Shaggy's sister.  The kids enjoyed some time with their cousins--a fairly rare treat for them.  Notice how J has his arm around his baby cousin, bringing him into unusually close proximity to Aunt S who is virtually a stranger to him.  Apparently, his adoration of babies chases all his worries away.  Good to know.

And adoration is really the only way I can describe his feelings for cousin K.  He wanted to be near her all the time, regardless of how SHE felt about his proximity.  He lavished attention on her.  He fretted when she fussed and did his best to find something to help her feel better.

She was not quite so enthusastic about this new relationship.  But considering she was on the tail end of a cross-country road trip, and meeting 7 extended family members for the first time, I think she was quite justified in rebuffing his attentions.

J really, really wanted a picture of him holding cousin K.  Cousin K was a little worried about that scenario, so it was very short-lived.

 The biggest reason he wanted the above mentioned photo was so that he could always remember his baby cousin.  The cousin he adored.  The cousin he was so smitten with that he was willing to trade his own baby sister for her. 

Yes, he actually asked us multiple times if we could trade Baby B for cousin K.  He loved her so much, he said.  He liked her way better than Baby B, he said.  He was truly disappointed that we refused his request.

First, I am glad that he adores his baby cousin.  Really. 

Second, I am glad that B is too young to realize just how easily she can be replaced by a novel new cousin.  

And finally, NOTE TO SELF:  we might have to be somewhat
more overt in teaching family loyalty. 

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