Monday, July 18, 2011

Leaping Lizards

I would consider it no great loss if I never saw a lizard again.  I have no problem with reptiles, per se, they're just not my thing.  So I find it rather baffling that our household reptile population is now nearly double that of the human population.  I think it's getting out of control.  But since it's not MY thing, I don't know how to make it stop.

After the first batch of baby geckos, mom and dad lizard were supposedly separated to prevent further proliferation.  A policy I backed wholeheartedly.  But since we now have a total of TEN baby lizards, it is readily apparent that nightime trysts have been happening without my knowledge.

The cat (or little lizard, as it were) is out of the bag.  Shaggy and S have been secretly breeding an army of lizards.  I don't know when or if they ever plan to stop.  All my opinions about enough is enough tend to fall on deaf ears.

But there is a glimmer of hope that S will withdraw her encouragement of the prolific lizards.

Because now there is talk of the possibility of another reptile coming into our home at an unspecified later date.  A snake.  Who would require regular sustenance.  And who would rather enjoy having an endless supply of lizards to snack on.

S is decidedly NOT in support of this plan.  Which might have something to do with the fact that she is usually the one who first spots the tiny baby lizards once they emerge from their hidden eggs.  And she has played a leading role in naming them.

Merry & Pippin are the busy, busy parents.  Their offspring are as follows, in order of appearance:  Sam, Frodo, Eisenhower, Bilbo, Tiny, Spiny, Whiny, Toothless, and Dot. 

The tenth baby gecko, who appeared only a few days ago, is still nameless.  I am hopeful that it will remain so.  I consider it rather reasonable to stop naming babies at ten.

K and I are really the only ones who remain strong in our apathy towards the lizards.  We're not interested in feeding them rotten fruit.  Or live crickets.  We prefer to have nothing at all to do with the crickets.  We would rather not see them, or hear them.  We've never discovered yet another baby and shared the joy with the rest of the family.  In fact, we are usually the last to be informed of a new lizard. 

But my apathy is truly that.  Apathy.  It is not phobia.  Or even extreme dislike.  I don't squeal when the lizards are brought out of their tanks and allowed to roam around a bit.

About the only thing I really LIKE them for is that they offer a photographic challenge.  Even when they crawl on my new lens.  But I did NOT like it when one jumped onto my camera as I was trying to take a picture of it.  That was a little unnerving.  And maybe I squealed, just a little.  Depending on who you ask.

 But K and I are out numbered.  Both by crested geckos, and by humans who like the leaping lizards.  Shaggy, S, J and even R are entranced by them.  They like to watch them hunt.  They like to hold them and let them craw up their arms.  Brave R even remained mostly calm when one jumped on her face.  *shudder*

So I am stuck.  I guess the only thing left is for me to research the legality of selling the little buggers.  Because if they can bring in a nice price, then this whole breeding program will be seen in a new light.  Apathy might even transform into active participation. 

Because money talks.  Even through lizards.

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Mom said...

So are you saying that Shaggy and S are allowing/encouraging clandestine conjugal visits between Merry and Pippin? Or are the offspring producing yet more offspring? Or perhaps the saying, "Where there's a will, there's a way," applies to lizards as well as to other creatures? On the other hand, perhaps crested geckos lay thousands of eggs at a time and just fertilize one every time they need a new baby to love. Shows how much I know about geckos. This much I do know - - - I'm glad they're in your house and not mine. Just sayin! :-)