Thursday, February 16, 2012

Death by Chocolate Accompanied by Raspberries

We had our annual girls camp funraiser recently.  After last year's experience, we decided to make this cake geared more towards adults.  What better way to do that than make it decadent, with chocolate?  LOTS of chocolate.

K and I had to make several test batches to find just the right cake/frosting combo.  Nobody seemed to mind all that practice and we always had plenty of willing taste testers.  Everyone agreed it was hands down, the yummiest cake I have ever made.

We even had some serious discussions about what we should call it as we were sitting around the dinner table.  Death by chocolate, acccompanied by raspberries.  Chocolate & Raspberries by Death (Shaggy came up with that one, like it was the title of a book.  I didn't think it made that much sense.)  A tribute to Jackson Polluck in chocolate and raspberries.  Double chocolate decadence with raspberries.

But the name didn't seem to really matter all that much in the end.  I think this creation sold based on its looks alone.  It was the final item in the auction and brought in a whopping $265!  I could hardly believe my ears as the bidding kept going up and up.  I never imagined it would go that high.  I felt so guilty that I had used a box mix even though I knew it was the perfect complement to the homemade frosting, not to mention the deliciously fresh raspberries.  I'm still afraid to talk to the family that bought it.  I'm not sure that any cake I make can live up to a $265 reputation. 

But the good news is that this tower of decadence sent one and a half girls to camp.  Hooray for chocolate . . . and deep pockets.

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