Thursday, February 16, 2012

Beautiful Weekend

 It's always a good day for a visit from Aunt N.  We only had her for a weekend, but we managed to have some serious fun in a short amount of time.  I already posted about the less drama party which was a saga unto itself.  But I wanted to post some of my favorite photos from the rest of the weekend.
 Wrestling with a tree.  The tree won.

 I love how much creativity N brings to our home whenever she comes.  And she is soooo not afraid to be silly, which makes my kids adore her.
 She comes from the land of winter and helps us feel more grateful for our non-winters.
 We didn't really need the umbrella, but it was fun to play with.
 Our favorite local park had something for everyone.  J found mud and puddles to drive his RC car in.  B found paths to walk on where nobody had to grab her hand and repeatedly haul her in the other direction away from danger.  Except sometimes when she was about to fall in the river.
 The girls played Hunger Games.  They built a fire to stay warm.  I was lucky to even get close enough for a photo since I was an enemy tribute who was bent on trying to kill them.  They were lucky to get away.  Mwahahaha!
 We had a picnic and laughed about B's craziness.  And I couldn't pass up the opportunity to catch a shot of J's freckles which were especially adorable that day in the lovely diffused light of the overcast skies.
We had a dart gun war.  And a lesson on getting darts out of tall trees.
We caught a spy in a tree.
B learned first hand about pine needles.
 R found a perfect photo op and requested me to take her picture.
 B connected with her inner hamster.
 And K came down with a bad case of the stripes.  All in all, it was a truly beautiful weekend.

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