Thursday, May 31, 2012


Meet Ruger.  The newest member of our family.  Here he is having a much needed bath in the back yard.

He was another rescue through the local german shepherd rescue group.  Where Shaggy has a spy who has been screening all the newest dogs to help him find his perfect second dog.  For security purposes.  Naturally.

This dog does have fabulous protective instincts.  And herding instincts.  He really wants the whole family to stay together all the time.  He has a nice sounding alarm bark.  And he's big, significantly bigger than Charger even though Ruger is still quite the puppy.

He needs some serious obedience training, especially considering how hard it is to physically move him or drag him or push him away when he wants to give you kisses or steal your cheese stick.  Shaggy says it's like having a happy sofa following you around. 

He doesn't let Charger boss him around, which is usually a good thing, but it does mean that they occassionally get into some short-lived dog fights.  It's sort of like they're already siblings.
He loves to have a comfort item nearby.  Stuffed animals, balls, you name it.  And he really loves to play.  Fetch and tearing up and down the hallway (and sometimes, unfortunately, onto our bed--bad dog!) are his favorites.  He doesn't like to be left out when we're saying morning prayer so he will try to plant some kisses on whoever's face happens to be the closest.  He doesn't yet love B as much as Charger, but that's only because he hasn't yet caught on to exactly how much food she is responsible for dropping onto the floor.
And oh, boy does this dog ever LOVE water!
It's pretty hysterical to flip through these pictures really fast and watch a jerky version of a dog shake out.
I had entirely too much fun taking these photos.
Unfortunately, this is what he is always like after he gets a drink.  Which provides me with such a nice daily opportunity to mop the kitchen floor.  Thanks pup.
Wouldn't it be cool if this was how we felt every day at the prospect of taking a shower?  Like it was the best thing ever?
I think this pic is my favorite.  Because it makes me laugh.  And it makes our very protective, overly eager around water, not-so-little puppy look entirely ferocious.  Which is the perfect way for a guard dog to look. 

At long last, our family roster is entirely full.

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