Saturday, July 14, 2012

Red, White & Blue

I think maybe this photo will have to go up on the wall, somewhere.  More walls to decorate with photos in the new house--bonus!

We figured swimming was the best way to celebrate our last 4th of July in Cali.  We were supposed to be at a family reunion in Utah.  But we bailed more or less last minute which pretty much makes us the least popular members of the family at the moment--and possibly lots of moments to come.  Tough decision, but necessary.

So instead, we stayed home and swam.
And then we set up our inflatable pool in the front yard for a block party, and we swam some more.  This time with balls.
And then we had some firework fun.

And finally, we tucked our very, very tired kids snugly into their little beds, happy to be living in the good old USofA.

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