Saturday, November 24, 2012

Gone Fishin'

This boy loves everything about fishing.  He hasn't exactly come close to catching anything, but that does nothing to deter him.  He was super excited to learn that there was a lake really close to home that was stocked with fish.  Almost as excited as his dad.
Who gets a little more discouraged about the lack of catching anything.  But always tries again another day.
This is what J requested to do on his birthday, after his baptism.  It still helps him to have something positive to help him push through his anxieties.  And as he says, "Even if we don't actually catch a fish, it's still fun to go fishing."
He's learning all about casting, reeling . . .
and baiting.

As is his littlest tag along sister.
B loves fishing so very much, that she does her very best to hog the fishing pole and not allow R to have a turn.
Which is something R does not appreciate.  B is still very much a fan of the Toddler Property Laws.
See her nice, crying face because we insisted that R get a turn?
Luckily for everyone within earshot, R decided that she would rather go swing than continue fishing next to a screaming sister.  So the tremendous trio got to fish in peace.
 And I got to play around with some action shots.  Which is always fun because you never know what you're going to get.
Or maybe I should say that it's a hair-raising experience.
 We were having so much fun that B even decided to lay down her coveted fishing pole to join us.
I want to go back and take more pictures let my kids swing some more.

We did a little more fishing on the pier.
Where J taught his big sister about casting.
And where B did her best to fall into the water.
And on our way out, we saw this duck with beautifully coiffed feathers.
As they say, a bad day fishing is better than a good day of work.  But, I think Shaggy and J would attest that there's no such thing as a bad day fishing.

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