Tuesday, November 13, 2012


The most exciting thing about Halloween this year was that I didn't even need to think about going anywhere else to find a good photo backdrop.  It was all right here.

And everybody mostly just used things we already had to create their costumes.  I think the total price this year was under 20 bucks.  Not bad for 5 costumes.
Here we have two gloriously simple stick figures.
Strips of construction paper, packing tape, paper plates.  That's all you need.
This robe has earned its keep over the years.
But our old Harry Potter glasses were too mangled to use this year.  So I opted for some Where's Waldo glasses because they were half the price of Potter ones.  Good enough is good enough.
R had a tough time deciding what to be.  She really, really wanted to be a princess with a super fancy dress.  But we didn't have anything that would fit and dresses like that were running a little steep on ebay.  So I talked her into being an Asian princess.  Mostly because I happened to win the bid on this little dress for a couple of dollars.  And we already had the umbrella and fan.  Once Halloween loomed closer, she began to focus more on the prospects of candy and less on her disappointment about not getting to wear a luxuriously long, flowing dress.
And her new haircut fit the bill perfectly.  No more brush battles--hallelujah!
B was delighted at the prospect of dressing up as anything.  But when someone mentioned the word 'queen,' all other options were immediately discarded.  There was no room for negotiations with this little dictator.
Fortunately, R's Easter dress from a couple of years ago fit her perfectly.  And the cape Aunt S made for the girls a few years back.  Just for photos, I couldn't resist adding an old tiara K had along with half of a curtain rod that came with the house.  It made the perfect scepter.  B enjoyed using it to "make Mama jump" while I was trying to snap some pictures.

I managed to buy the pumpkins a couple weeks before Halloween.  But we didn't manage to find the time to carve them until after Halloween.  So, like last year, we listened to Christmas music while we did it.  I'm beginning to wonder if that's going to become an odd little tradition of ours.

Yes, R is a hoot.  And yes, B is eating a sticker.
And this pumpkin (stud) muffin is my man.  Though he never went to BYU.  Only visited me there once.  I always love the faces he carves in his pumpkins.

I hope you had a spooky ooky Halloween!

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