Saturday, November 24, 2012

Sorry, Charlie

We moved away from the city.  We shouldn't have sweet-looking lost puppies wandering up to our house out here.  We really shouldn't.

Because the kids just can't resist them.  And I feel guilty if I don't give the poor dog a meal and some water, which really doesn't help them get back home again.  But I stand firm in not letting them in my house.  Because if I cave on that, this place will turn into a zoo.  A real zoo, not the kind of zoo I call it when my kids are especially crazy.

This little lost dog wandered into our yard and was promptly adopted by R & B.  R would run all over, delighted that Charlie would always run after her.  This dog had a collar, but no tags.  How did R know that his name was Charlie?  Because when she patted her leg and called "Here Charlie!" he would always come.  We demonstrated that he would do the same thing when called by a variety of other names.  But she was undeterred.  His name was Charlie.
So Charlie he became.  At least while he hung around our house.
When I noticed through the window that these two little miscreants were actually trying to get dog kisses, that's when I had to go outside . . . with camera in hand.  I snapped one picture and then told them to stop trying to get the stray dog to lick their faces.  Because, ewww.
But that didn't stop them from romping around in the grass and having a grand old time.

And they were surprisingly gently with this pup.  They certainly gave him more attention than they normally give the two big dogs that we do allow in the house.

Even J was infatuated with Charlie.
Charlie hung around all day, whether the kids were inside or out.  That night, he yipped nearly all night outside our bedroom window.  That didn't exactly encourage my feelings of compassion for him.  Not one bit.

But we still put a little house up for him since it was so cold.  And we fed him.  And we gave him water.  And the kids continued to pour out affection on him.

They were truly disappointed when he was long gone when we returned from church the next day.  Sorry, Charlie, our roster is full.  I hope you found your way back home safely and that you'll remember with fondness your mini vacation to kidland.

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Mom said...

He was a cute little dog and much more kid-sized than the two who live with you. Probably wouldn't have been the best watch dog though - not in the least intimidating.