Friday, August 31, 2012

Are We There Yet? Miracles Never Cease

Today we moved to a hotel that was closer to the house.  We definitely didn't want to make that long drive for the next several days.
Then we did some cleaning, which is really not worth saying much about.  Sweeping floors and scrubbing bathrooms is not all that fun to write or read about, much less to do.  But we did our best to get the house cleaned up some so that it would be ready to recieve all our belongings.
And we made the kids work . . . a lot.  Which prompted a lot of complaining.  We didn't have much sympathy for them since they've had nearly a month off from chores.  Sorry honeys, zip your lips and get back to work!

B hung out in her stroller for most of the morning.  But she seemed to be feeling much more rambunctious, so I ignored her protests and put the stroller away so she would have to walk around.  Within an hour, she had forgotten all about her injury and demanded that we take off the sling.  She then proceeded to demonstrate in a myriad of ways that there was no longer anything at all wrong with her arm.  Our suspicion is that her wrist was somehow pulled out of alignment, which can really, really hurt.  But then it was able to work itself right again.  Bodies are amazing like that sometimes.  But I also know that it was a miraculous recovery, and I am grateful to get reminders that God is aware of my family and that He hears our prayers.
The other miracles we witnessed to day were all housed in nature. 
J found a frog, to his great delight.  He looks a little uncomfortable in that jar, but I wasn't about to encourage him to hop towards my lens. 
And then he found a baby frog, to his even greater delight. 
And there are cicadas and lizards and butterflies and crickets and grasshoppers and mosquitos.  That last one didn't bring any of us very much delight.  But other than that, this boy thinks he has moved to heaven.  There are natural miracles surrounding us in this place.  It will be amazing to watch him discover all the cool things this land has to offer.  He was never meant to be a city boy, he just happened to be born there.  And R's whole reality will change as she tags along with J as he makes miraculous discoveries.  I am full of joyful anticipation at the idea of watching that process unfold.
Day 24 was Sunday again, so we went to church.  There were a lot more people there this week, which was nice.  I guess summer vacation is coming to a close for everyone. 
I know what tomorrow will bring--OUR STUFF!!  It's a big, big, big day.  The day that we can begin to turn our new house into a home.  I don't look forward to unpacking.  At.  All.  But I do look forward to being unpacked.  So forward we march, because we're not quite there yet.

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